The Nine Yards Paperboy
He will only use his valuable time in the pursuit of female companionship.
Must pay close attention to time when explaining this one....Paperboy was out in the early 90's, when "Daytons" were popular, a gold wheel with many spokes in it that was popular on classic or "low rider" cars. Dubs weren't even introduced yet!
Paperboy's is asking his friend Rhytm D to pour some orange juice to be used in an alcoholic beverage of some sort such as gin and juice.
he has gold wheels on his 1964 car (possibly a chevy impala - Ds is short for dubs which refers to the 2 in the tens place of the diameter of his rims/wheels, as in 20", 22", 24", etc.) and he also owns a gold Lexus, so this implies he has plenty of money