Life's a Bitch

Illmatic Nas
The correct explantion is as such: 4-matic refers to either a .40 or .45 caliber semi-automatic gun, crack means in this case shoot and penetrate the... cabbage which refers to someones head
you would have to spend all ("crack" as in broke) your money ("cabbage" since it's green, too) to own ("pack") a Mercedes Benz car (mine says "4Matic" on the back since it's 4-wheel drive).
I used a stove to cook cocaine, turning it into crack. Then, I cut the crack into smaller pieces than the standard size, so I could have more individual rocks to sell and could more quickly generate money
Refers to the 5% Nation of Islam, a muslim sect in which members believe that black people are God's true chosen people.
some of my friends are in prison, specifically San Quentin State Prison located in San Rafael, California.