Lil Wayne

Wasted No Ceilings
Lil Wayne is stating that because he is such a "beast", even a zoological park would not be able to allow, much less contain him.
Got Money Tha Carter III
A fellow glares menacingly in my direction, but this of no concern to me because I am amply protected by my entourage and/or bodyguards.
Fly In Tha Carter II
Another explanation could be that in Pac-Man, the only time the Ghosts flee from Pac-Man is when there Blue. Hence Lil Wayne is saying he is a constant aggressor towards anyone who opposes him.
Fireman Tha Carter II
Hes more than likely referring to having so much drugs in his trunk that his car is heavy in the rear and lifting the front end up. Hence, popping a wheelie.
Paper Planes (remix) Unknown
'package' is probably referring to drugs aka packs - 'my whip game proper' = i have nice cars
Paper Planes (remix) Unknown
A "package" is urban slang for a delivery of drugs. His "whip game proper" means that he knows to use inconspicuous cars at legal speeds to not alert the attention of authorities when delivering said drugs via automobile.
Paper Planes (remix) Unknown
basically wayne is saying he is all about his money(cake,bread,etc.) and betty crocker is a name brand of cake mix
3 Peat Tha Carter III
in addition to creating supporting roles for his friends, Adam Sandler also starred in a film called "Click"
Let The Beat Build Tha Carter III
Blue Bayou is a water park in baton rouge Lousiana
Carter II Tha Carter II
In this line, Wayne is just saying that he has a lot of problems & he addresses them, like P.O. boxes instead of ignoring them; because P.O. boxes have adresses. Its really simple.