The Blueprint 3 Jay Z
this is a clever reference to Jay's longevity and level of talent using opposite terms for the preparation (usually grilling) of meat
he will never be done and keep going on and cause he is rare and doesnt seem like the rest who sell out or flop and fail and finish
Meaning he will never be done (always grinding) I'm so rare, like a steak that is not done.
he's saying he is not "sprung" or sexually aroused like a man usually would be by an attractive female, but instead he is so famous/attractive that he springs her, also making a reference to Jerry Springer (from Chicago)
Kanye is saying he is a king or the best and references one of rapper T.I.'s albums called King, then says since he's from Chicago he is more like Larry Hoover who was the king of Chicago as he the led the Gangster Disciple Nation gang.
Hip-hop executive Russell Simmons is a successful business man, so Jay is stating thats how hard he works/hustles. Russell is also known for doing yoga which involves stretching and stretch work is a drug term meaning to make a lot starting with a little.
DB9 is a thoroughbred sports car made by Aston Martin
Al Roker of the Today Show lost 100 pounds by way of gastric bypass surgery. Jay Z is making a comparison to the way al roker got rid of "pounds" to the way he himself got rid of pounds of drugs when he was a drug dealer.
Gale Sayers is a hall of fame running back who played for the Chicago Bears in the late 60's. Kanye ('Ye) is making a comparison to the way he "runs" Chicago (Chi) to the way Sayers ran on the football field in Chicago.