Rockin' That Shit (Rockin' That Thang) - Remix

Love Vs. Money Dream, The
He is saying he will get the girl looking good, just like a shoe-shiner makes a shoe look good.
explaining the female form as compared to an old school glass coke bottle. IE dramatic hourglass.
this is saying that he would lick a girl so clean that it would be like if you shined a shoe with shoe polish.
comparing having money to sickness so as he gets progressively sicker his wealth increases as well
he's bragging about his money making abilities. when he coughs he can make a stack, a pile of money, he can sneeze some thousands dollar bills(Gs=a grand.
decyphring fo f...
He's saying that he has so much money that he can cough out a stack of bills or sneeze out thousands of dollars (a G is $1000)
He is bragging that he is "sick" with the money, meaning that he has a remarkable ability to earn it. Since he is "sick with the money," he then makes a pun about it (the "cough" and "sneeze" lines; people cough and sneeze when they are sick, of course).
It's a play on words. Sick means crazy cool or insane meaning he has a lot of money. Sick also means like you're sick, you got a cold so he's got such a bad cold that he coughs up a whole stack of money and sneezes gs (grands... $1000) so lots of money.
He has so much money that it has infiltrated his body like an infection. When he coughs, a stack of dollar bills comes out of his mouth, and when he sneezes, thousands of dollars are expelled from his nose/ mouth.
Goldie would probably not have sex with that woman, but I would