The Sound of Revenge Chamillionaire
My hydrolic or air ride suspension causes each wheel to rise and lower independantly at my command. Thusly, by flipping two switches, one controlling a front wheel and one the back wheel, on opposite sides, I can make the car sit crooked.
I have a 40oz (a common weight of measurement in regards to malt liquor beverages) that is so cold it is causing my testicles to be unpleasantly cold.
His windows are tinted, thus making it harder to see him
I am mentally unstable; similar to rapper Krayzie Bone's mental state.
if a car jacker approaches the vehicle with intentions of stealing (car-jacking) it, that individual will have just made a very bad decision because they will be turned into (put in) a coma by the driver of the car who is unwilling to let someone steal it
attempt to search my vehicle for illegal substances or violations. To put it in context there was a reference to the police wanting to try to check his slab.
I have customized my steering wheel. It is made from the wood of an oak tree. This is offered as proof as to how much money and attention to detail I can afford for my vehicle.
It means that cops are pulling him over, hoping that they find something illegal on him or in the car.
the police are following Chamillionaire as he drives around town, looking for any minor traffic violation (forgetting to use a turn signal, license plate tags expired, etc.) which they could use to have cause to pull him over and hopefully search his car.