Get It Together

Ill Communication Beastie Boys
The colloquial term Ma Bell (as in "Mother Bell") is used by the general public to refer to the AT&T conglomerate, who for several decades, held a complete monopoly over all telephone service in most areas of the United States.
Like the phone company I have various methods of imparting a message.
Implied intercourse. Refers to the Happy Day's spin off with Scott Baio entiteld "Chachi and Joanie" two characters that were in a relationship.
Salmon frequently travel up a river for the sole purpose of procreation. The Beastie Boys are implying that they would like no-strings-attached sex in which their partner will leave immediately after coitus.
Biz Markie is an old school rapper, who is often in the studio when the Beasties record. Biz counted himself in to a rap saying, "A One, two, a one two." You can hear it at the beginning of "Make the Music with Your Mouth."
Mad Sheep
The synthesizer we're using was produced by Moog.
Wearing Timberland boots on the feet.