Go DJ Tha Carter Lil Wayne
this lyric from Lil Wayne has a girl wondering how the gun will fire if it is made out of plastic in the following lyric of the song says "you see when ya boy run off" so Lil Wayne has told her the gun is made from plastic as to not worry her
Life's a Bitch Illmatic Nas
Refers to the 5% Nation of Islam, a muslim sect in which members believe that black people are God's true chosen people.
Rockin' That Shit (Rockin' That Thang) - Remix Love Vs. Money Dream, The
"My skills at cunnilingus are so effective that one might mistake my tongue for a battery powered vibrator."
Regulate Regulate...G Funk Era Warren G
is good at handling and using a gun, which is made of steel
Get It Together Ill Communication Beastie Boys
Wearing Timberland boots on the feet.
Fuck tha Police Straight Outta Compton N.W.A.
I recently ingested an 8-ball, 1/8th of an ounce of narcotic (either cocaine or crack), and am feeling its effects quite vividly.