Many Men (Wish Death) Get Rich or Die Tryin' 50 Cent
Boxer Muhammed Ali was known as "The Greatest"
Nuthin' But A G Thang The Chronic Dr. Dre
Dre is about to sing his verse; he is being called to the mic. Creeping is also driving and a phantom is a type of rolls-royce, so his flow or style of rap is smooth like a ride in an quality vehicle. "approach in a smooth, ghostlike manner"
Pimpin' Ain't Easy It's A Big Daddy Thing Big Daddy Kane
He is saying that when one of his "bitches" makes a business transaction (sexual intercourse in exchange for money) with her customer, that he will be taking his percentage. Much like how the Federal Government does with legal business transactions.
My Life LAX Game, The
a desert eagle is a handgun and so Game is meaning you better do something before you get shot (the bullet will leave the desert eagle, headed for you)
Dedication 3 Dedication 3 Lil Wayne
He has enough game that he can get a female to sell her body so you have to pay her to get it.
Diamond in the Back Chicken-n-Beer Ludacris
Possibly refering to the way he uses his suble movements, how he walks (his "swagger") when at a social gathering to communicate his respectabliity