Bust A Move Stone Cold Rhymin' Young MC
Women want a man who can support their family, brings home the paycheck, and keeps food on their table.
Rapper's Delight Sugarhill Gang Sugarhill Gang, The
a foolish person or loser who hangs out at "the Rucker" - Rucker Park, a famous basketball court in New York City where people play basketball and hang out.
Get 'Em Girls Purple Haze Cam'ron
When it is time to go to "war"/"battle" or "fight", he is "extra" prepared to do so.
What We Talkin' About The Blueprint 3 Jay Z
Refers to the rapper Jaz-O, Jay-Z's "mentor turned arch nemisis", who could've signed with Rocafella, but didn't because he thought the contract was unfair.
Three MC's and One DJ Hello Nasty Beastie Boys
"I Wanna Get Next to You" is a song by the band Rose Royce, most famous for their hit, "Car Wash" (they have both a male and a female lead singer).
Mad Sheep
Good Life Graduation Kanye West
Kanye is saying That while other rappers might open the hood of their cars to show the subwoofers (Bass in a car), he opens the hood to display a roaring fast engine. Meaning he isn't concerned with aesthetics as much as performance.