Let Me Ride The Chronic Dr. Dre
because of all the criminal activity Dr. Dre witnessed in Compton California, it was not unusual for the people of his neighborhood to find corpses of people who were murdered on Greenleaf Boulevard just north of Interstate 91
Wanna Be A Baller Sittin' Fat Down South Lil Troy
I want to make a lot of money, I want to call the shots, there are twenty inch wheels on my Cheverolet Impala.
Fuck Wit Dre Day The Chronic Dr. Dre
Actually, "mark" is a derrogatory term. Dre is saying just by affiliation, he was a loser.
Banks workout 50 Cent Is the Future G-Unit
ref. to Germanic fairy tale of Rapunzel mixed with post-modernist skepticism of the concept of pregnancy as result of sexual consummation.
Shoop Very Necessary Salt-N-Pepa
She is stating that she is not shy and asked a male for his phone number
Hova Song (Intro) Vol. 3... Life and Times of S. Carter Jay Z
Jay Z is saying he is many levels above other rappers while at the same time referencing a game people play to see if they can link another actor to Kevin Bacon through common movie co-stars.