Nuthin' But A G Thang The Chronic Dr. Dre
Implying that he is as funky when he raps, in a good way, as the funky smell of an aged pot of boiled green onions, garlic and bacon fat.
What You Know King T.I.
If you are talking about me, you need to come out say what you have to say, not behind closed doors
Me So Horny As Nasty As They Wanna Be 2 Live Crew
Dogs in heat are obsessive about intercourse, it occurs when they are ready to conceive. 2LiveCrew shares this same sexually obsessive mentality, but without the instinct to procreate as the driving force.
Ms. New Booty The Charm Bubba Sparxxx
This is from Ms. New Booty. Bubba is saying the titties may be nice, but whatever, he's about the ass (buried treasure)
Just Don't Give A Fuck The Slim Shady LP Eminem
You will be shot so many times the number of holes left in your body will be in excess of those found in a hand crocheted blanket, a style known as an Afghan blanket.
Feel Me Tha Carter II Lil Wayne
Re-ups are when the new "package" of drugs come in. Wayne is saying they are like birthday parties, because they are so popular (and the drugs are like a gift). He adds "no room to park cars in the garages" due to high volume of interest in his re-up