Ice Cream Paint Job Dorrough Music Dorrough
the subwoofer speakers in the trunk of my car create air pressure you can feel every time a bass note is heard. this is like Kimbo Slice because he is a tough underground/backyard/street fighter who has a very strong punch.
Bust A Move Stone Cold Rhymin' Young MC
They appreciate a man who has a solid work ethic and a well-paying job
How Low Battle of the Sexes Ludacris
Luda appreciates girls from many ethnicities.
Crime Wave Before I Self Destruct 50 Cent
If you try to run from 50 Cent during an altercation, he will shoot you in your back, with hollow point bullets, a highly impactful type of gun bullet.
E.I. Country Grammar Nelly
This person enjoys watching another person as they are in a squatting position, i.e. a dance move
Just a Lil Bit The Massacre 50 Cent
My eyelids are droopy, a side effect of marijuana use. This is because I roll (twist) hydroponically grown marijuana ('dro short for hydroponic) in my marijuana cigarettes.