Money To Blow Always Strapped Birdman
"CM" is short for "Cash Money" a record label founded by "Birdman" and his brother. "YM" is short for "Young Money", a related record label founded by Lil' Wayne.
the paint on the car is the color of jelly. the interior, most likely leather, is the color of peanut butter. and he has a car(chevy) for every day of the week.
Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody Face The Nation Kid 'N Play
They are indicating that they will be partying extremely hard, having a grandiose and memorable evening
Low Mail on Sunday Flo Rida
The young lady danced in a provocative way by lowering herself close to the ground and shaking her rear end. This action is also known as "dropping it".
On Top Of The World Paper Trail T.I.
Ludacris is showing rappers' capabilities beyond just music. He has started Straits Atlanta, which is a fine dining establishment in his home town featuring foods from the country of Singapore, like "Whole Maine Lobster - Another Singaporean Favorite."
Picture Me Rollin' All Eyez on Me 2Pac
showing off a Mercedes Benz (expensive car) on rims that he didnt steal