Mo Money Mo Problems Life After Death Notorious B.I.G.
he on a yacht
It's Alright
Mims is sitting in his BMW (an expensive make of car frequently referred to as a "beam" or "beamer") , the interior of which matches the green color of paper currency in the USA.
Country Grammar Country Grammar Nelly
Dayton Wire Wheels, the original low-rider wheel of choice, have knock off rims that are installed by spinning on the center hub, and tightening with a rubber hammer.
Still Fly Hood Rich Big Tymers
I may not be rich as those in Forbes, but for someone in a impoverished area I have a good amout of money
Can't Deny It Ghetto Fabolous Fabolous
Diamonds are often referred to as "ice" because of their clear, glassy nature and resemblance to ice. His chain (necklace) has so much "ice" in it it's making his neck cold, allegorically speaking.
Ridin' The Sound of Revenge Chamillionaire
It means that cops are pulling him over, hoping that they find something illegal on him or in the car.