Westside Story The Documentary Game, The
The 38 special refers to the .38 Smith & Wesson Special Cartridge (outer cover of bullet) Used in revolvers. The vest is a bullet proof vest. They are saying they will let the bullets go through the bullet proof vest of another person.
Picture Me Rollin' All Eyez on Me 2Pac
showing off a Mercedes Benz (expensive car) on rims that he didnt steal
I'll Be Missing You No Way Out Puff Daddy
Puffy is remembering the day that his associate B.I.G. died.
Do You Think About Me Before I Self Destruct 50 Cent
"Ends" is a slang term for money. He's saying that he and the girlfriend (baby's mama) used to be be friends but now she is just out to get money
My Life Your Entertainment Paper Trail T.I.
vicariously (def): serving instead of someone or something else. In this case, to enjoy life through the experience of the rapper because his life is so wonderful.
On Top Of The World Paper Trail T.I.
Ludacris is showing rappers' capabilities beyond just music. He has started Straits Atlanta, which is a fine dining establishment in his home town featuring foods from the country of Singapore, like "Whole Maine Lobster - Another Singaporean Favorite."