Money To Blow Always Strapped Birdman
Lil' Wayne is suggesting that girls join him and his entourage in the VIP section of the club, where they can afford to order a lot of champagne. They don't even care whether they drink it, or just let it pour all over the place like a shower.
Hey Ya Speakerboxxx/The Love Below Outkast
this simply means that he's grateful to God that the girl's parents got together/married and had her as their child.
I'm Ill The Shakedown (mixtape) Red Cafe
"Grizzly" is the ebonics form of the word "grind." The Grizzlies are also an NBA team that Allen Iverson just recently joined. Red Cafe is making a play on the word "Grizzly" by saying that he has been on his grind and is not new to it.
C.R.E.A.M. Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) Wu Tang Clan
the man escaped from jail, is being chased by the police, and sells base which is another name for Crack
Airplanes The Adventures of Bobby Ray B.O.B.
The CADA is an activities program in california that gives kids an alternative to life on the streets. So I'm guessing it's like some sort of shout out to the place where he might have developed as an artist before he made it big.
Stronger Graduation Kanye West
Kanye is saying that he's been waitin all night to talk to or get to know a certain female, and he's only been liking her since he seen her which was probably earlier that night