The Ghetto Won't Change Ice Cream Man Master P
He does not sell drugs nor use money from the sale of drugs to buy expensive things. Shiping (or selling) drugs does not appeal to him.
Can't Deny It Ghetto Fabolous Fabolous
Diamonds are often referred to as "ice" because of their clear, glassy nature and resemblance to ice. His chain (necklace) has so much "ice" in it it's making his neck cold, allegorically speaking.
Chicken Huntin' Ringmaster Insane Clown Posse
I'm driving a tractor plow that is a convertible with hydraulics and has been lowered.
The Message The Message Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
Was convicted of a crime and must spend 8 years in a fedral prison.
Hey Mama Late Registration Kanye West
The S-type could also refer to a Mercedes Benz S class, commonly accepted as the most luxurious of the Mercedes Benz line of sedans.
Hot in Herre Nellyville Nelly
He has the top floor (suite) of the Four Seasons all to himself