Good Life Graduation Kanye West
The correlation between the two lines in this particular lyric extends beyond the simply being disliked for his success and long-standing presence in the industry and includes the act of seasoning foods with varying herbs, spices and, most commonly, salt.
Midwest Swing Free City St. Lunatics
this is a good example of the St. Lunatics combining urban and country lifestyles with the imagery of an urban cowboy putting a saddle on a horse and wearing Nike Air Force tennis shoes with spurs rather than cowboy boots when riding a horse
Rap Phenomenon Born again Notorious B.I.G.
I am a "reckless mercenary" like the fictional character in the movie Star Wars, that has three different personalities and I have aquired three different criminal charges. Becasue of my crimiactions I now have to report to 3 different probation officers.
Cold Blooded The Coolest Mixtape Lupe Fiasco
to "shed some light" is to help people realize something. ghetto birds (helicopters looking for criminals) literally shine light on criminals to help police find them. Lupe is saying that similarly, his lyrics will help people see/understand street life.
The Food Be Common
cocaine is popular just like eminem is popular
Fresh Like Us The Swelly Express Chiddy Bang
play on words "you too"= U2, the group in which Bono is the lead singer