Thank You The Blueprint 3 Jay Z
It's a nod to the movie Goodfellas. Basically saying he has so much money that he gives people tips for things they had nothing to do with.
Drop the World Rebirth Eminem
Lil Wayne's saying; Make sure you'll able to procede to Heaven & your protected... so you won't go to Hell. Be ready for it all.
Midwest Swing Free City St. Lunatics
Nike Air Force Ones size 10 1/2
Regulate Regulate...G Funk Era Warren G
shoot those fools and make them lay down (make them lay down as in, they're dead or seriously wounded and so theyre on their backs)
this means that he has alot of cars (whips) more than you say you do.
Wanna Be A Baller Sittin' Fat Down South Lil Troy
in the 1990s, Motorola was a very popular type of phone (only some people could afford mobile phones). PrimeCo was the first company to launch CDMA/PCS service, which was an improvement over Motorola phones. So this is saying he got the latest/best phone.