On Top Of The World Paper Trail T.I.
Ludacris mentions that rappers are often multi-talented and can do many other things including acting. He's saying that famous actor Samuel L. Jackson should watch out, because rappers may be on the same stage as him accepting Oscar awards soon.
Triple Trouble To the 5 Boroughs Beastie Boys
Mr. Belvedere was a sitcom in the '80s. The title character was a butler, which is why you would call him for a drink.
ms. d-dizzle
Bust A Move Stone Cold Rhymin' Young MC
Young MC is saying that when you're surrounded by ugly females, you shouldn't choose to adopt a celibate lifestyle (like a monk who has chosen to refrain from sex to focus on religion). If you did, this would be nearly as bad as suicide.
Arab Money Back on My B.S. Busta Rhymes
Busta is rich enough with so-called Arab Money to gamble that money in a casino with presumably the now-deceased Palestinian leader, Yessir Arafat. Alternately, he could be suggesting that he is so wealthy he can use Mount Arafat as currency.
Bedrock We Are Young Money Young Money
Sushi roll is seafood, so he's saying he likes her vagina a lot and the hotter than wasabi part is a play on words because wasabi is a hot mustard usually eaten with sushi.
The Notorious D.I.P.
empire state
Jay-Z is referring to Young Jeezy's song '24,23' in which Young Jeezy says "I used to pay Kobe, but now I pay Lebron."